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Body Treatments & Vichy Shower Since we first began manufacturing professional hydrotherapy equipment in 1987, Benchcraft's line of wet equipment has earned a reputation as the best in the industry. Our popular Vichy Shower Packages have been installed in more locations world-wide. BenchCraft's Vichy Shower sets standards for quality and reliability. When combined with any of our Wet Tables, the Vichy Shower provides efficiency and comfort for the therapist, keeps your overhead and maintenance to an absolute minimum, and creates a memorable spa experience for your clients. SVichy Shower: This water therapy treatment uses a horizontal shower system with the client lying down, sometimes incorporating a hand wand operated by the therapist, and usually in conjunction with a wide variety of body treatments. tandard body Treatments restore balance, well-being and foster the nurturing benefits of touch. Through use of natural products, the body is able to combat fatigue and stress by awakening the senses and revitalizing the skin. Categories


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