Steam Showers

Platinum Steam Shower
Platinum DS202 Steam/Sauna Combo
A steam shower looks like your regular shower except with sealing doors. With an optional bench seat, which is highly recommended, we are able to kick back and relax and enjoy our steam, rather than stand. Steam showers can be custom designed to fit a specific room. In either case, the components will include a steam generator, steam outlet(s) and regular shower head(s). The steam generator houses the element that creates the heat necessary to produce steam. The steam then moves through the steam outlet in the shower wall and fills the shower area. The steam generator can be installed either in the bathroom vanity near the shower, under the floor, or in the bench seat. Custom showers should include a sloped ceiling to prevent condensation from dripping. Aesthetically, the unit is streamlined and well-finished. There is also a reduced risk of mold and mildew in these types of units because they are enclosed and designed to withstand the humidity produced.


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