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Today, spray tanning comes in two forms, airbrushing and tanning booths. The airbrushing method of spray tanning involves a technician using an airbrush machine to apply the tanning chemicals to your body. The second method of spray tanning is automatic tanning booths, which apply an even, continuous mist of tanning chemicals over your body while you stand in the booth. Both methods of spray tanning offer degrees of tan, and allow you to choose how tan you would like to be. Tanning through spray tans is much safer that using a tanning bed or laying in the sun. Spray tans take out the harmful UV rays which are the main cause of skin cancer. The main chemical in spray tans, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has been tested and marked as safe for use by the FDA. Spray tanning has even been approved for pregnant women, but it is important to keep the chemicals out of your eyes.


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