Hydrotherapy Tubs

Types of hydrotherapy equipment we offer: Hydrotherapy Tub: This classic single-user water treatment remains popular with new enhanced systems for air and water jets, powerful underwater massage, and self-cleaning systems for flushing and disinfecting internal piping. Another new approach is to use "pipeless" technology to allow complete disinfection and thorough cleaning. Whirlpool Bath and Shower Systems. Thermal Capsule: A recent enhancement to water therapy is this combination unit, which provides privacy for the client as well as containing the water and mud or other treatment products inside the capsule. Incorporates some combination of Wet Table, Vichy Shower, Steam, and Aromatherapy Therapists are expertly trained to massage the client in specific patterns. SelThe popularity of water-based therapies in the U.S. spa environment has led to this becoming an industry standard. Today's spas utilize many types of water treatments based on both new technologies and ancient philosophies. Some examples include: Hydrotherapy: The use of bubbling/jet baths, jet showers, underwater massage, Vichy shower, Swiss shower, scotch hose, foot baths or hand baths using fresh water, mineral water (balneotherapy) or sea water (thalassotherapy). Balneology: Traditional study and practice of water-based treatments using fresh or geothermal hot springs or mineral water. Thalassotherapy: The simultaneous use of sea water and sea air with a preventative or curative purpose usually in a site on the ocean (from the Greek word "thalassa" meaning the sea). Kneipp Kur: Treatments combining hot/cold hydrotherapy, herbology, and diet of natural foods developed in Germany in the mid-1800s by Pastor Sebastian Kneipp. Ionization: The use of marine spray using negative ions. Sea water particles ionized with negative electrons which are beneficial especially for the upper respiratory tract.ection of the right hydrotherapy equipment will depend on your spa's overall philosophy and the treatments your spa plans to offer. Our consultants will be happy to discuss with you the types of spa equipment best suited for your facility.


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