Shampoo Bowls

Gel Neck Rest
1729 Vacuum Breaker
1732 Vacuum Breaker
Econo Shampoo Bowl
800-G Shampoo Fixture
12 UPC Fiberglass Shampoo Bowl
22 UPC Fiberglass Shampoo Bowl
Porcelian Shampoo Bowl
3000 Marble Backwash Shampoo Bowl
3000w Marble Shampoo Bowl
M-2000 Marble Shampoo Bowl
M-2000 Marble Shampoo Bowl
M-4000 Marble Shampoo Bowl
Modern Cultured Marble Pedestal
Roman Cultured Marble Pedestal
Adjust A Sink

Not all shampoo bowls are created equal. There is a huge variation mainly based on the material used to build the basin.

Marble Products #2000, #3000, #4000 and #100 shampoo bowls are all made out Cultured Marble or Man Made Marble. This is a very hard durable material. A salon shampoo bowl manufactured with poured epoxy will last for years.

The best type of salon shampoo bowl available is a ceramic or porcelain shampoo bowl. These salon shampoo bowls are very high quality and all European backwash shampoo system are outfitted with this style salon shampoo bowl. A major advantage of a porcelain shampoo bowl is the fact that hair color will not stain or discolor it.

Check your local building code or with your plumber to see if you are required to have a vacuum breaker on your shampoo bowl. If you are required to have it, you will not pass inspection without it. The reason salon shampoo bowls are often required to have a vacuum breaker is because they are outfitted with a shampoo hose which may be in the basin in dirty water. If the water pressure were to drop in the building, the dirty water would be sucked back up into the building’s water supply. A vacuum breaker prevents this from occurring.

Some water controls have a metal handle, others are equipped with a plastic knob. Pull up to turn on the water and control the pressure. Turn left or right to change the water temperature.


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