Econo Collection

Slimline Shampoo Backwash Unit
Wood Arm Shampoo Backwash
H-2006BK Backwash Shampoo Unit
H2002BK Shampoo Backwash Unit
H2005BK Backwash Shampoo Unit
6000 Backwash Shampoo Unit
Athena Backwash shampoo Chair
2896-71 Backwash Shampoo Unit
Met Backwash Unit
H2008BK Shampoo Backwash Unit
Image Backwash System
SBW 9900 Shampoo Backwash Unit
Backwash tilting shampoo bowls with chairs attached, the new way to shampoo your clients, the shampoo bowl can adjust for all sizes of clients, stylist can shampoo from behind also can shampoo from side, which is then called side wash, backwash shampoo units the chair is stationary to prevent chair moving to close to the shampoo bowl a few units the chair back can adjust for more comfort to clients. The shampoo bowls are 100 % porcelain they come with an adjustable bracket, fixture to control water supply spray hose, basket drain ( vacuum breaker extra cost ) The shampoo units for stand behind plumbing form the floor, side wash plumbing from wall.


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