Retail Displays

Econo Retail Display
Island Retail Display
Retail Display
Tall Wall Retail Display
RD-112 Retail Display
Retail Display
Wave Retail Display
RD-175 Retail Display
Contempo Retail Display
RD-800 Retail Display
Metro Island Retail Display
RD-375 Retail Display
RD-750 Retail Display
Madrid Retail Display
6' luminari Retail Display
Carrington Retail Display
Crown Retail Display
RD-900 Retail Display

Showcase products on interactive retail displays that increase retail sales and coordinate with all other beauty salon equipment and furniture, and make these viewable from the outside of the salon or spa. Retail displays need to be out from behind the reception desk. Clients need to pass by retail displays to reach the reception desk upon arrival.

Position a variety of retail display racks, and retail displays at a variety of heights with signage.

To encourage testing of products, experts recommend placement of high revenue earning products at heights between 22 and 70 inches, thus providing easy accessibility for the average woman, clients can easily see them and touch them. Remember to rearrange shelves periodically, so that customers see something new when they come to your salon or spa. Increase the visibility of special promotions by cleverly positioning them on attractive retail displays can increase sales. Fixtures that appear cheaply made will devalue your products. By showcasing a good selection of products, you ensure that people will pick them up. Having shelves full of merchandise communicates to customers that these items are there for them to purchase. You need to show more to sell more! Carefully select the greatest amount of shelf space to brands that represent the greatest percentage of sales. Make sure that pricing is clear and easily located.

The goal is to serve clients better by providing them with the best products in a comfortable environment. By following these recommendations, salon owners and stylists enhance the client's overall experience, create trust and loyalty, and improve earnings.

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