Heat Lamps

SL542 Heat Processing Lamp
SL3233 Heat Processing Lamp
DL957 Heat Processing Lamp
DL3232 Heat Processing Lamp
TL931 Heat Processing Lamp
QL854 Heat Processing Lamp
QL954A Wall Arm Heat Lamp

Salon Equipment Source carries a vast amount of products used for different salon hair drying processes. Among them are heat Lamps which provide Infra red heat which drys and softens hair as a gentle alternative to conventional heat applications. Salon heat lamps are a significant piece of salon equipment in any size business to complete the functionality of your beauty salon furniture. One of the benefits of this type of drying is that it cuts down on processing time on salon permanents, hair coloring and deep conditioning treatments which will expedite services for your clients. Our various models have features such as variable heat settings, timer settings, adjustable hood angles, roller base styles with adjustable height or wall mounted styles. They all include a collection bottle for excess moisture.

Our knowledgeable design team members are available to answer your questions and assist you with the selecting the perfect hair steamer to add to your salon equipment to provide the best drying options for your clients.


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