Hair Processors

DL09 Color Wave Hair Processor
DL02 Expedite Hair Processor
E-3000 Luma Shine Hair Processor
DL09 ColorWave Wall Arm Hair Processor
DL02 Expedite Wall Arm Hair Processor
Logika Hair Processor
Maestro Hair Processor on Stand
Logika Wall Arm Hair Processor
Maestro Wall Arm Hair Processor

There are essentially two kinds of Processors. Dry or Wet. Some dry processors incorporate air flow so they may also dry hair.

Wet processors use ozone delivered through steam to speed up the chemical reaction. As this is wet, they may not be used to dry hair. In all cases, the primary reason to use a salon hair processor to speed up the processing of a chemical service and reduce the time it takes to complete the service. Often the processing may be reduced in half when you use a salon hair processor.


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